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The refreshing frequency of the NRT ICOS data products computed at ICOS ATC, and which are displayed on the ICOS station panel boards is available on this page.


[Hazan et al., 2016] Hazan, L., Tarniewicz, J., Ramonet, M., Laurent, O., and Abbaris, A.: Automatic processing of atmospheric CO2 and CH4 mole fractions at the ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 4719-4736, doi:10.5194/amt-9-4719-2016, 2016.

Complete list


P0000.2 - List of Sites
P0000.3 - List of Tank Concentration

Tracking Accuracy of an instrument

P0001.3 - Time serie of Standard deviation


P0002.1 - Calibration last cycle
P0002.2 - Calibration drift since first connection of the instrument
P0002.3 - Calibration last cycles (3 months)
P0002.4 - Calibration equation evolution
P0002.6 - Calibration equation evolution


P0003.1 - Target timeseries
P0003.2.1 - Tank stabilization - Last month
P0003.2.4 - Tank stabilization - Last 6 months with thresholds
P0003.10 - TGT_Tdas/Std correlation

Air monitoring

P0004.1 - NRT - Air and target - Last rolling year
P0004.2 - NRT - Air and target - Last rolling month
P0004.3 - NRT - Air and target - Last 10 rolling days
P0004.4 - NRT - Air and target - Last 3 rolling days
P0004.5 - NRT - Air - Whole network view - Last rolling year
P0004.6 - NRT - Air - CCGCRV fitting - Whole timeframe

Meteorological parameters

P0005.1 - NRT_METEO_Year_TS
P0005.2 - NRT_METEO_Month_TS
P0005.3 - NRT_METEO_10_Days_TS
P0005.4 - NRT_METEO_3_Days_TS

Technical parameters

P0006.1 - NRT_STATION_Diag_Year_TS
P0006.2 - NRT_STATION_Diag_Month_TS
P0006.3 - NRT_STATION_Inst_Year_TS
P0006.4 - NRT_STATION_Inst_Month_TS
P0006.5 - NRT_STATION_Inst_Week_TS


P0007.1 - Flask_Life_TS
P0007.2 - Flask_Life_TS_CCGVU

Radon Monitoring

P0011.1 - Last rolling year
P0011.2 - Last rolling month
P0011.3 - Last rolling 10 days
P0011.4 - Last rolling 3 days
P0011.5 - Coefficient calibration and background - Whole timeframe
P0011.6 - Coefficient calibration and background - Last rolling year
P0011.7 - Last calibration
P0011.8 - Last background
P0012.1 - Comparison SNO sites - last rolling year
P0012.2 - Comparison - Comparison SNO sites - last rolling month
P0012.3 - Comparison ICOS ANSTO sites - Last rolling year
P0012.4 - Comparison ICOS ANSTO sites - Last rolling month
P0012.5 - Comparison German sites - Last rolling year
P0012.6 - Comparison German sites - Last rolling month

In-situ comparison

P0020.1 - Last rolling year
P0020.2 - Last rolling month

Two sites comparison

P0020.3 - Last rolling month

Flask vs. ambient air comparison

P0022.2 - 3 months
P0022.1 - Last rolling year
P0021.0 - Whole available time frame
P0023.0 - Network comparison

Sub-group comparison

P0025.5.2 - Last rolling month
P0025.5.1 - Last rolling year

Spikes distribution

P0030.1 - Last 5 years

Data selection

P0031.1 - AIR_classification
P0031.3.1 - Wind rose

Diurnal cycle

P0032.1 - Diurnal cycle, season by season
P0032.2 - Diurnal cycle, hour/day matrix view

Vertical gradient

P0033.1.1 - CO2 Vertical Gradient
P0034.3 - Vertical Gradient (Diff-to-max), hour/day matrix view
P0034.4.1 - Vertical Gradient, per month and per daily period

Flag and error

P0035.2.1 - Data sources
P0035.6.3 - TS_Uncertainties, more detailled
P0035.7 - Network Uncertainties and Bias
P0035.2.3 - Data quantity and QC
P0035.6.5 - Cylinder parameters
P0035.8 - Cylinder data
P0050.6 - Last year general status for all sites
P0050.6.1 - Last year general status per site
P0050.7 - Ambient air data status


P0060.1 - Tank pressure evolution