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Mobile Laboratory

ICOS ATC Mobile Laboratory is one of the units of the ICOS RI Atmospheric Thematic Centre. The main task is to conduct quality control (QC) by parallel measurements at atmospheric stations (AS). Aim is to improve measurement compatibility and development of competent quality assurance (QA) of the ICOS atmospheric station network that ensures credibility of the measurements. Mobile Lab is hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki.

Mobile Lab has a van, which is equipped with state-of the-art analysers and standard gases, which are traceable to World Meteorological Organization Central Calibration Laboratoryand ICOS Central Analytical Laboratory. Atmospheric Station visit lasts 1-2 months. During the visit standard gases of the station are cross-checked and parallel monitoring of ambient air are conducted to validate quality of the greenhouse gas monitoring of the station.

Photos in the header ( from left to right) : Measuresement of standard cylinders and ambient air by CRDS analysers at Hohenpeissenberg observatory, FTIR for greenhouse gas measurements at Hohenpeissenberg observatory and demonstration of the Mobile Lab at the 3rd ICOS/InGOS Summer School “Challenges in measurements of greenhouse gases and their interpretation” at Hyytiälä in May 2015.