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Lampedusa Observatory

Lampedusa is a small island (about 20 km2; about 10 km wide, from East to West); the island maximum altitude is 120 m.  The northern side of Lampedusa is characterized by high cliffs (50-100 m height).  Vegetation is sparse and limited over the island. The observations site is located on a plateau, along the North Eastern coast, about 20 m from a 45 m high cliff facing North.

The town of Lampedusa (about 5000 inhabitants) is located about 2 km South-East of the observation site. A power plant is close to town. A small airport is located on the Southern side of the island.  There are routinely 5-6 daily flights; they become about 15 in summer weekend days.  Small ships (fishermen, tourists) are present in Lampedusa; two daily ships from Sicily reach Lampedusa.

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