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Land use: Forest (65%), Meadow (10%), Freshwater lakes (15%) Agricultural areas, low intensity (10%). The terrain is undulating and the site is located on a hill with relatively free exposure to exchange of air masses by wind. The site provides data on deposition in support of effect oriented studies (surface water acidification, forest damage, material deterioration etc.).  96h back-trajectory analysis performed for the period 1993-1996 showed the following origin of air masses at the site: Air mass    0-90° N (15%)     90-150° N (12%)    150-210° N (7%)    210-270° N (19%)    270-0° N (35%)    Undertermined (12%).

Known local emission source areas; Norton industries in Lillesand (15 km SE), Kristiansand city (25 km S/SW). Both are known have minor or even negligible influence on the air quality at the site. Local agricultural activities occasionally yield elevated ammonia concentrations. There has not been major change with respect to the local environment in the vicinity of the site, and it should be considered as a excellent regional sites, well suited for e.g. trend analysis.

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