ICOS ATM Station Labelling

→ Steps to get labeled: ATC-GN-LB-RP-1.1, in documents section.

→ To apply for Step 2: this link on the Carbon Portal website.

→ To check station progress, see this page (restricted access)

Labeling status

Step 1 validated (faded red star) ARN, HUN • 40 stations*

Step 2 entered (red star) • Cabauw, Netherlands (CBW)

Labeled ICOS Atmospheric Stations (green star) • Observatoire Pérenne de l'Environnement, France (OPE) • Gartow, Gemany (GAT) • Hyytiala, Finland (SMR) • Hohenpeissenberg, Germany (HPB) • Křešín u Pacova, Czech Republic (KRE) • Norunda, Sweden (NOR) • Hyltemossa, Sweden (HTM) • Puy de Dôme, France (PUY) • Svartberget, Sweden (SVB) • Jungfraujoch, Switzerland (JFJ) • Zeppelin, Norway (ZEP) • Ispra, Italy (IPR) • Lindenberg, Germany (LIN) • Monte Cimone, Italy (CMN) • Station Pallas, Finland (PAL) • Torfhaus, Germany, (TOH) • Trainou, France (TRN) • Lutjewad, Netherland (LUT) • Üto, Finland (UTO) • Karlsruhe, Germany (KIT) • Ochsenkopf, Germany (OXK) • Observatoire de l'Atmosphère du Maïdo, France/Belgium (RUN) • Steinkimmen, Germany (STE) • Lampedusa, Italy (LMP) • Saclay, France (SAC) • Station Nord, Denmark (SNO) • Helgoland, Germany (HEL) • Birkenes, Norway (BIR) • Zugpitze, Germany (ZSF)• Plateau Rosa, Italy (PRS) • Puijo, Finland (PUI) • Jülich, Germany (JUE) • Weybourne Observatory, UK (WAO) • Westerland, Germany (WES) • Ridge Hill Observatory, UK (RGL) • Schauinsland Obervatory, Germany (SSL)