Data product - P0006.5

P0006.5 product shows internal instrument parameters.
Each box plot displays an internal instrument-related parameter.

  • Data used: instrument parameters
  • Y-axis: Parameter's value, in the unit given in Y-axis legend.
  • Timeframe: one rolling month.
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alt textP0006.5_GAT.png791.65 KB
alt textP0006.5_HPB.png556.24 KB
alt textP0006.5_HTM.png323.74 KB
alt textP0006.5_IPR.png162.05 KB
alt textP0006.5_JFJ.png153.55 KB
alt textP0006.5_KIT.png654.59 KB
alt textP0006.5_KRE.png975.58 KB
alt textP0006.5_LIN.png714.29 KB
alt textP0006.5_NOR.png251.98 KB
alt textP0006.5_OPE.png1012.55 KB
alt textP0006.5_PAL.png169.29 KB
alt textP0006.5_SAC.png105.51 KB
alt textP0006.5_SMR.png358.57 KB
alt textP0006.5_STE.png754.56 KB
alt textP0006.5_SVB.png191.25 KB
alt textP0006.5_TOH.png632.46 KB
alt textP0006.5_TRN.png100.62 KB
alt textP0006.5_UTO.png225.82 KB

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