Data product - C0003.1

C0003.1 product shows the comparison between model's and observation's diurnal cycle.
Each box plot displays, for a given species, daily-normalized molar fraction means according to the local time. One plot file per site / sampling height couple.

  • Data used:
    • ICOS observations: hourly means, continuous time series.
    • ECMWF model: data of the nth nearest grid point, interpolated by date and time and by AGL, for the model experiment version(s) named in the legend.
  • Points: For each hourly mean, the daily mean is subtracted. Each point is the mean of these "normalized to daily mean" values, over the whole timeframe, at the given local time hour.
  • X-axis: Local time hour.
  • Y-axis: "Normalized to daily mean" molar fraction, in species' unit.
  • Colored ribbon: 95% confidence interval for the mean.
  • Timeframe: as described in header's subtitle (generally one rolling year).
  • Species: CO2 and CH4. One "box plot" per species
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