Data product - C0001.1

C0001.1 product shows the timeseries comparison between observation and ECMWF model.
For a given site, species and sampling height, the top plot shows the timeseries of the ICOS observation and the ECMWF model, the middle plot shows the difference percentage between the two timeseries and the bottom plot shows their correlation.

Base data used for the three plots:
  • Species: As described in plots' axis.
  • Timeframe: as described in header's subtitle (generally one rolling year)
  • ICOS observations: hourly means.
  • ECMWF model: data of the nth nearest grid point, interpolated by date and time and by AGL, for the model expriment version(s) named in the legend.

Top plot: Timeseries

  • Y-axis: Molar fraction in species' unit.
  • Color: Blue for the model, black for the observations

Middle plot: Timeseries difference

  • Y-axis: Percentage of difference between model and observation: [Model - Observation] / Observation

Bottom plot: Timeseries correlation

  • X-axis: Observation molar fraction
  • Y-axis: Model molar fraction
  • Blue line: Linear regression line. The equation and R2 of the linear regression is displayed at the bottom right corner of this plot.
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